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  • What will be covered in the EFAW 1 day course?
    The course will cover a range of essential first aid skills, including: ▪ CPR and AED use ▪ Wound care and bleeding control ▪ Choking management ▪ Burns and scalds ▪ Head injuries ▪ Unconscious casualties ▪ Shock ▪ Anaphylaxis
  • Do I need any prior knowledge to attend the course?
    No prior knowledge is necessary. The course is designed for individuals with no first aid experience.
  • Will I be certified after completing the course?
    Yes, upon successful completion of the course and any assessments, you will receive a recognised EFAW 1 day first aid certificate.
  • How long is the validity of the EFAW certificate?
    The validity of the EFAW certificate typically lasts for 3 years.
  • What should I bring to the course?
    Usually, you will only need a pen and paper for taking notes. The course will involve presentations and handouts for attendees.
  • Will I learn how to use an AED in the course?
    Yes, using an AED is a crucial part of the EFAW 1 day course. You will learn how to identify situations where an AED is needed, operate the device, and deliver shocks.
  • Do I need to be physically strong to perform CPR?
    While some physical exertion is involved in CPR, modern techniques emphasize proper positioning and body mechanics rather than brute force.
  • What if I feel nervous about giving breaths during CPR?
    You are not alone! Many people have reservations about mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The course will cover alternative methods like bag-valve masks and explain that chest compressions are the most critical element of CPR.
  • What if I make a mistake while providing first aid?
    The priority is always to help the casualty to the best of your ability. Remember, any action is often better than inaction in an emergency situation.
  • Can I ask questions during the course?
    Absolutely! It is encouraged to ask questions throughout the course to clarify any doubts and ensure you fully understand the skills being taught.
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